positions and workgroups

so far, AVnode worked in the way that LPM, represented by Gianluca, pushed the practial realisation of the initial AVnode idea forward in an incredible speed and with a lot of motivation! our members have grown to an incredible list.

in addition to the democratic structure we are giving ourselves, how about having representative positions for individuals and workgroups for different things that need to be done, so that work can be spread instead of 100% has to be done by one person / group?

proposed positions:

individuals should ideally be elected into these positions by the board members / group members

  • president / spokesperson of the avnode board (to represent the whole network, legal representative of the network - elected by the board members)
  • avnode board members (each member group elects/assigns one representative for this position)
  • workgroup spokesperson (representative of a workgroup)

proposed workgroups

ideally any individual of any group should be able to support any workgroup

  • fundraising (group to handle the funding applications)
  • quality management (group to assist festivals in avoiding organisation mistakes)
  • documentation (group to organise festival documentation)
  • press & pr (handle press releases / conferences / get infos from members to publish)
  • website (group to manage the online presence of avnode)
  • council management (maintain the democratic processes in avnode)
  • ...


  • flux is pro

    i propose Gianluca for president :)

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